Why Are Nurses Important In Our Society?

Medical or healthcare industry is very important nowadays because we keep on developing and finding new diseases. There must be at least one cure for one disease that has been made in 5 years. It is developing and evolving as time goes by. From so little amounts of tools and equipment to various machines and technologies have been created to help with peoples’ diseases.

Who are the people that are going to handle the patients and machines or also be the patients’ mouth and a pair of ears? Yes, it is the nurses. They will be the people who will help make the hospital or any healthcare centres run smoothly. Not only that, they are also important in our society. These are the reasons why nurses are important in our society.

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Nurses advocate for patients

Nurses are the most trusted people that you can find in the hospital. They are around you every single time. You can call them whenever you feel like you need help because doctors will not always be around to check up on you every time you feel sick. Nurses are the people who will talk to patients and be with them and for them whenever you need them to be.

Nurses will be around to check up on your updates. Whether the patients get better or worse, nurses will know that update before anyone else. Patients are also more comfortable to talk with nurses rather than the doctors because nurses are closer to them. They lend their ears and shoulders in times where the patients are in need and also have daily conversation with them.

Handling machines

Nurses will be the people who are responsible to handle all machines that will be used to help the patients such as the dialysis machines. The doctors will decide how many doses or amount needed and the nurses will deal with it from the start till the end.

Despite the fact that humans are creating numerous devices to help people stay healthy and live longer lives. At the end of the day, they require a person to operate it. Nurses with competence and academic knowledge are also studying technical elements of patient care. Not only that, but they are employing other new ways in hospitals to offer the finest treatment to their patients.

Educate patients and family

Nurses are also responsible for ensuring that patients understand their health, diseases, drugs, and treatments to the best of their abilities. This is especially important when patients are discharged from the hospital and must manage their own treatments. Nurses are one of the people who managed to get into nursing college (Kolej jururawat) which means they have a lot of information and knowledge to be shared with the patients.

Nurses are also responsible to educate the caretaker or family members of the patients because the patients will be under their supervision at home later on. This is also to make sure that everyone knows what to expect after the patient is being discharged from the hospital.

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry and will be the closest person to you before your doctors. 

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