6 Must-Have Items in Your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

Your baby is quite fragile in their first few months in existence simply because their body is still adapting to the immediate environment they’re in. That being said, it is important that you fill your baby’s medicine cabinet with essential items so that whenever they are struck with an illness, you are best equipped to handle the situation. In this article, I will talk about six must-have items that should be inside your baby’s medicine cabinet at all times.


This medicine is best used for pain relief and may even help lower your baby’s fever as well. This medication is an NSAID so it is actually safe to use. In fact, Ibuprofen can even be used whenever your baby starts to grow some teeth as this experience can be painful for them.

Ibuprofen should only be administered to babies six months and above. If you absolutely have to give them this medication if they are below the said age, it is important that you consider talking to their pediatrician first.


Another pain killer, Acetaminophen is a medication that can also be used to help lower your baby’s high temperature (in case of a fever). It has been used extensively over the years and is considered safe for the most part. If your baby is under two months old, you may want to consult with their doctor before administering it.

Furthermore, you also have to read the instructions of their other medicine carefully as this medication is commonlyseen in others as well (such as those that are used for cough relief).

Cough Suppressants

If your baby happens to suffer from severe colds and may cough incessantly, then their pediatrician may prescribe cough suppressants for that. Most cough medicines actually contain dextromethorphan. If your child is still below the age of four months, you may want to talk with their doctor if it is safe for them to take such medications.


Although you can use humidifiers and vapor baths to help decongest your baby’s nose in the event of congestion or runny nose, they might not be powerful enough to solve the problem. That is why you should also stock up on decongestants such as Sudafed, for example.

They can be safely administered to children above six months of age, but do read the instructions first as it may cause sleeplessness in some babies.


If your baby is suffering from a severe tummy ache, then you will need to have Simethicone drops at the ready. This medication has been known to help reduce the pain that is associated with intestinal gas and the like.

Rectal Thermometer

Rectal thermometers are actually more accurate for babies under one-year-old than mouth and armpit thermometers. That being said, this is one of the most important things that should be present in your baby’s medicine cabinet, mainly because babies under one year of age are prone to contracting fever due to a variety of different causes.

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