Baby Shopping Guide: 6 Baby Essentials

1.Baby Clothes

Are you looking for the cutest baby clothes in Malaysia? It’s true that most parents are in the search of the most adorable ensembles for their little ones. But, remember that babies grow up fast, so they wouldn’t be able to wear those Instagram-ready outfits for a long time. It’s always better to start with the most basic, affordable pieces.

2.Car Seat

There are two kinds of car seats, one for infants, and a convertible type. An infant’s car seat is developed specifically for the child’s first year of life. This would allow you to transport the baby without any problem. Meanwhile, those convertible ones have much higher weight limits. You can use this kind of car seat a lot longer.

3.Baby Diapers

Are you planning use disposable diapers or cloth diapers for your baby? Baby diapers are crucial for newborns. In fact, they go through 8 to 10 changes a day. You need to make sure that there are always multiple stacks of diapers and wipes around your home.

4.Baby Carrier

The first few weeks of your baby are special, so as much as possible, you would want her snuggled up against your chest. Very soon, though, you would want to invest in a quality baby carrier, to make your child feel more comfortable when being moved around. There are plenty of styles available in the market. Choose the kind of carrier that feels most comfortable for you and your kid.

5.Baby Stroller

Since you are already at the mall car seat shopping, you may want to shop for a baby stroller too. Several brands also offer reliable travel systems, in which the baby car seat connects with your stroller, making it easy and convenient to use.

6.Baby Feeding Bottles

Whether you are feeding your baby breastmilk or formula milk, bottles can make it easier to share the feeding time with your caregivers. Pick a slow-fall nipple during your child’s early months. Keep in mind that some children prefer specific milk bottles over the others, so observe what your little one first before sticking to one brand.

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