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What is the Importance of a Good Web Host?

How many of you can confidently say that you are really thinking things through when you choosing a web host? I am pretty sure that you didn’t even consider it at first, but the good thing is that you are now aware of how important it is.

But, for people that still do not know what a web host does and why they are important for your website, do read further to be educated about its presence.

What is a Web Host?

A web host is a company that owns many servers- powerful computers that are built to run 24/7. Since servers need not be turned off, they should be put in a special facility where the environment is conducive for 100% operation and that is why they are always housed in data centers.

So basically, a web host (or a hosting provider) is a business entity that owns data centers and servers to provide hosting services to anyone who needs it.

That being said, why do you even need one? Well, whenever you build your website, anything that can be seen on it would require a storage facility of some sorts for people to be able to access your page.

You will need a web host’s server to ‘host’ your files so that whenever one tries to access your website, the complete package will be delivered to them. This means all of your media content, your articles, and so much more.

Without a web host, your website is basically a collection of files that only you can access and no one else.

What Do You Need to Look for?

Now that I may have convinced you about the importance of a web host, what are the things that you need to look for when you are getting one? Here are some of the most notable considerations:


The easiest way to find the right web hosting provider for you would be to look at a certain company’s reputation. If they’ve been around for more than 10 years, then that means that they know what works and what doesn’t.

When looking at a company’s reputation, look for their testimonials, their certifications, statistics (uptime and downtime), and how they schedule their server maintenance. Social proof is really powerful and that is why you’d also want to consider what other people say.

Email Service

This has become mandatory ever since people have known the power of email marketing. Go for a hosting provider that includes email services in their hosting plans.

Customer Service

Ideally, you’d want to go with a company that you can call at any time to resolve any issue that may arise. Server downtimes are a huge no-no and if ever your website goes down, how quickly your hosting provider responds to your issue is a testament of how good they are (along with customer reviews).


Of course, price is also a major consideration. In most cases, shared hosting will suffice, but if you are running a business, VPS and cloud hosting are preferred.

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