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Strategy -based computer games are great for your brain development. A study published in the journal PLOS ONE shows that gamers (gamers) benefit from their hobby because playing games can increase brain speed. Play 888 Malaysia. 


Studies Have Shown 

Our study shows that cognitive flexibility, one of the unique features of human intelligence, is not something static and it can be trained and enhanced using fun learning tools such as playing games (Our paper shows that cognitive flexibility, a cornerstone of human intelligence) , is not a static trait but can be trained and improved using fun learning tools like gaming), ”said researcher Dr. Brian Glass from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Biology, Queen Mary University, London.

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A total of 72 volunteers were involved in the successful study involving video game titles such as Starcraft and The Sims covering a period of 40 hours over six to eight weeks.


StarCraft and 888 Malaysia Game For Instance 

The researchers found that players who played the StarCraft game showed an improvement in psychological testing over the research period. The gamers show speed and accuracy in tasks that involve cognitive flexibility, where they are faster to adapt after completing from one task to another than players who play The Sims. In short, playing games can improve one’s learning ability.


In addition, researchers found that gamers who played more complex games performed better in a given psychological test.


Good For Brains

Video games also provide benefits in other forms based on another study conducted by the University of Padua. It can help children with dyslexia. Action games can improve the speed and accuracy of reading skills in dyslexic children.

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In fact, the University of Texas Medical Faculty at Galveston found that high school teen-level gamers were able to perform virtual surgery simulations as well as other medical students did.


Malaysian Need To Play More Variety of Games Like 888 Malaysia

Today’s video games can be addictive if left unchecked, they still benefit consumers if they are used sparingly. After all, strategy games such as StarCraft, Warcraft and the Command and Conquer series help many IPT students in Malaysia learn to implement strategies for daily life. It’s far more effective than rambling textbooks and lectures. 


Kids Loves Games Too 

Every time you go to the store, I’m sure the kids will ask for new toys. This is because toys are their source of entertainment as well as learning something new. In fact, many types of toys that can help develop children’s minds use only materials available at home. 

Elderly Needs To Play Games Too 

Last but not least, invite elderly to play games. Invite Grandpa, Grandma to Play some games and implement them in real life. Seniors are at risk for memory problems. But, don’t worry! There is a method to avoid it, which is by playing games for parents that are good for the brain.


These games for the elderly can not only help them fill their free time, but also provide fun, besides helping to improve their brain function. Seniors need not only observation from a purely physical point of view, but also from their mental point of view.


If physical exercise can make them stronger and more stable in movement, mental exercise can reduce their risk of forgetfulness or dementia.


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