Types of sex toys you need to know!

Sex toys give benefits for both men and women in various ways. It allows one to explore different kinds of sexual activities. Usage of sex toys is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes! Sexual needs are also equally important to compare to other basic needs. It is important to take note of every need of the body to maintain a healthy life. Sex toys contribute hugely in order to satisfy sexual needs. There are many types of sex toys one should know sex toys supplier Secret Cherry Malaysia

Wand Vibrators

The vibrators are for people who prefer to have a vibrating sensation in their sex toys. It was popularly used by women in those days, which is also the reason for the vibrators to be called classic. If you prefer constant vibration and stimulation created by the vibration these are the best sex toys for you. If you are wondering where to buy these types of vibrators in Malaysia, the top sex toy supplier, Secret Cherry in Malaysia will be a perfect place for you to get the vibrators.


Dildos are sex toys that are shaped as penis. There are many types of Dildos that one could purchase according to their preferences. It will be in the shape of the penis and it can come in all sizes. So one can choose any size based on their preference and comfortability. The purpose of dildos is to stimulate the spots you wanted to be stimulated such as the g-spot or prostate. It is based on how you want to use it and where you want to be stimulated. It is shaped as slightly bent for better stimulation.

Clitoral vibrators

Women this is a perfect sex toy for you if you are looking for clitoris stimulation. This little device is created to stimulate your clitorises by improving blood supply to the spot. These vibrators are best to use for great orgasms. It will also allow one to explore and warm up the sensitive parts of their body.

Strap on

The strap on are more suitable for lesbians who are engaging in sexual intercourse as a couple. However, it is used as gender-neutral sex toys by a wide amount of people. It is shaped like the way both the partners get to experience the stimulation. Usage of sex toys as a couple increases the chance to boost the intimacy between the couple and they have more chances to experience a different type of sexual activities. This will allow them to perform with more confidence. This toy will be suitable for sexual activities such as pegging. This is called a strap-on as it will be attached to your body like a real penis.

Vibrators shaped as finger

This type of vibrator is called a finger vibrator as it can be worn on your finger like a ring while performing a sexual need This finger vibrator can be used everywhere in your body. This will allow you to experience sexual stimulation based on your preferences. People tend to get pleasure in different ways. This will allow you to explore them.

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