How to Take Advantage in Sports Betting

By its very nature, gambling, whether in land-based or online casino, is a risky way of filling up your time, or even trying to make money. But it can also be a fun and exciting complement to watching the sport when handled sensibly.

But how do you put your bet to the maximum? What’s the best way to round the traps of bookies trying to pull you through their doors? It all boils down to finding the best value for money. Whether that’s the right rates, the right markets or even the best time to put your bet on, try these tips from an ex-betting shop employee and see if you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

Know the inside out sport.

It’s not just about which football team has won their last six games, but how well offensively and defensively they have actually played. Were they fortunate or were they good at keeping possession?

What tennis player has a spat with his coach? That golfer may have won two major events this season, but how much experience does he have on the field of links? These are the kinds of information that will educate your betting and train you best to find the good-value markets.

Even Favorites Have a Bad Day

This seems easy to find out, but to ignore the price bookies issued is tough for any punter. A perfect example? As Rafael Nadal took on Fabio Fognini back in April at the Barcelona Open, bookmakers had Nadal as their big favorite. With some he was as low as 1/10th.

That would be sensible on the surface. Nadal is the King of Clay, and has won a record-breaking eight times in this very tournament.

What the bookmakers had overlooked was that in Rio De Janeiro, just a few months earlier, Fognini had beaten Nadal on clay. Combine this with the record of Fognini knocking out top seeds and suddenly it’s 8/1 price looks very attractive. Fognini has continued to beat Nadal in straight sets.

Don’t just stick with one bookmaker

The betting industry puts a big emphasis on brand loyalty. Because it’s such a competitive industry, companies will try to lure you to invest in them, and only them. Whether this is by various reward programs or in-shop special offers, the aim is the same. Do not let them make you think you shouldn’t go shopping there.

Check for specific bets on available offers. The market for first goalscorers is one of football’s most popular bets and as a result, bookies all have their own spin on it. If your player scores twice, Betfred will double the odds, and treble the odds if he scores a third time.

On the other hand, Ladbrokes will double the odds if he scores within 25 minutes and you’ll probably find that most other bookies have a version of their own to try and get you through their doors instead of someone else.

For any given match, your research should tell you which of these offers will suit you the most. Be agile and ready to put the work.

Favor the few selections

This is something that punters neglect all the time, even though it seems like common sense. The fewer selections that you include in your bet, the greater the chance that you will win.

If you are betting on making money think small, not huge. If you can stake enough, only one squad or pick. Maximum three, or four. When you find yourself slipping on that twenty-fold accumulator, you’re really on cloud cuckoo dust.

Bookies are losing most of their money from single people. An extreme example would be some high-roller entering a shop and putting £ 10,000 on a shot of 4/6. Only one single at an odds-on discount but the store would have to make a £ 6,666 turnover to meet the payout by itself.

If you’re doing enough research, putting £ 5 or £ 10 into one selection should feel relatively safe. But in general, trebles offer a decent return if you really want a higher payout.

Avoid odds-on price.

If you desperately want that long-shot bet on a Saturday afternoon, don’t pad your accumulator out with odds-on selections. You’re lowering your chance to win for next to no extra cash. That in tennis is really easy to do. It is the Grand Slam’s opening week and you see all of the top players are drawn against relative unknowns. Just seeking to win some easy money would seem like a great idea just put them in a few entirely. But that would have been an error.

Tennis is notorious for offering awful match-betting prices, so you could put the world’s elite in a tenfold position and still only scrape the returns at 3/1.

Is it really worth £ 10 to only treble your money when any single loss at a 1/8 (for example) price will result in your whole bet going down? Likely not.

Doing some research and finding an up-and-coming player with a favorable draw will make more sense, and back them up at a better price.

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