Types of Online Slots You Need to Know

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If you are a beginner in the online casino world, you are at the right place. Visit free slot machine games for more information and choices of games. Alright, as a beginner, one of the significant aspects you need to understand is the types of online slots that are available. There are a variety of online slots you can choose according to your liking. These are the commonly found slot games you can easily find online:

  • Classic slotsfree slot machine games

The most famous type of slots among all. This slot is also known as three-reel slots, which is a tribute to the original slot machines. Players would usually prefer this type of slot as it is really easy to play and is the simplest. 

Generally, the classic slots would come with many symbols and also basic rules that anyone could easily understand. Usually there would be 3 reels, hence why the name is three-reel slots. In case a player lands on three similar symbols, the player will get a jackpot. Classic slots too would normally come with bonus rounds that are quite simple. 

  • Five-reel slots

Five reel slots’ concept is just like the previous slot, it just adds an extra two reels to it. Since there are many rows, there is a high chance that players would be able to hit  more paylines.Five-reel slots also provide you with more bonuses.Some even have limited themes and mini games.

This type of slot has the same rules as the old school slot machines. What you have to expect is that if the paylines are higher, you would be able to build even more winning combos. The higher the paylines are, the higher your chance of winning more cash prizes. 

  • Progressive slots or Jackpot slots

This type of slot is also popular among the players. Just like the name, their jackpots are progressive, which means they are changed and not fixed. This is completely different from regular slots and if you make a bet, the jackpot can increase in size. These jackpots can be worth up to millions of dollars.

  • Mega spin slots

This slot is very interesting and unique. It allows you to play up to three until 9 games at the same time. You can play all the games on one screen and often come with the features of progressive slot games. 

After picking a game of your choice, you can begin by betting whatever amount you want and push the button. Normally, a maximum number of 45 reels will spin at the same time and your chances of hitting a jackpot will become higher than usual. 

  • Virtual reality(VR) slotsfree slot machine games

These slots are most likely played by youngsters and teenagers. You can play quite a number of interesting games such such as blackjack and poker. Most players who prefer VR slots are attracted to the concepts and the experience they got from playing the game. 

You will be experiencing 3D graphics just like you experience from the old school slot machines. It will become a memorable and interesting memory for you as it would remind you of the good old days. 

There are plenty of online slot games available according to your preferences out there. Everything is at your fingertips and it is up to you to choose any games you like and start betting. Good luck! 




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