Benefits of Playing Online Games

There are benefits to playing online games despite the constant debate on whether it is bad for you. The common negative thought that people have about online games is the toxic behaviors that the child will pick up along with the notion that violent video games will instill violence in younger children. 

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Understanding Video Games

There are some things that people do not understand about video games and how it would affect people. People who play video games(Gamers) seek to find something or feel something. It is not as dark as it sounds. 

Video games help people who are introverted make friends. Video games also help people learn more social skills as much as they do when making friends in school and such. These video games can also be a means to escape any form of the harsh reality that children go through. This is because of the harsh reality that not every home is perfect and that some children have to grow up in broken homes. 


Benefits of Playing Online Games

Computer Fluency

  • Gamers are pretty proficient when it comes to computers because of how it forces people who play games to learn how the inside of computers functions.


Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Hand-Eye coordination is something that a lot of gamers develop. This is because a lot of games require quick reaction times along with the usage and coordination between moving the mouse and pressing the keyboard. 


Increase Speed of Decision-Making and Problem Solving

  • Gamers are often needed to solve problems in games following a time limit. This would mean that their skill is then transferred into the real world when the need calls for it, making them very capable of thinking fast to solve problems. 


Adaptive Learning

  • Gamers are always going through ‘tutorials’ in games. This is good because most gamers have adaptive learning which means that they have the capability to learn a lot of information fast, efficiently and creatively for their own means. This can also be beneficial because they would be able to explain it to their peers easier to teach others.


Looking from Different Angles

  • Gamers often are forced to constantly adapt and find new ways to solve a problem because of the challenges in these online games and the opponents not always being Artificial Intelligence. This gives them the ability to look at a lot of problems from different angles, giving them multiple perspectives when facing any issue presented to them. 


Increased Memory Capacity

  • Many gamers have better memories because they would usually need to remember multiple controls and quest information when playing their games. This is good for them because it helps them store a lot of information at a time. 


Variety of Games Means Better Exposure
On the Internet, there are multiple types of games that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. This means that using the Internet can expose people to many types of games ranging from strategy games, shooting games to gambling games.

Strategy games mainly let gamers plan out their plan in relation to their opponent in order to solve problems in real-time. Shooting games on the other hand help gamers get better at their reaction time to react to their opponents which are also other players that have extremely good reaction times. Gambling games like game online mega888 are practically online casinos. These teach gamers about gambling and how to interact with other people on these sites to communicate based on common interests. 



There are without a doubt good and bad when it comes to playing games. Most people take skills that they learn from games and apply that to how they function in life because there are many moments where that is helpful. Not everyone would take the negatives of gaming so it is not too advisable to group the majority with the minority in the sense of positives to negatives. 

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