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10 Things To Know If You Want to Be A Social Media Manager

Managing social media accounts seems like a cool idea especially when you’ve mastered social media like a pro. But really, what does the job involve? Here are things you need to know if you have that ambition to become a social media manager:

1.Study something related to communications or marketing.

To be ahead of the game, it’s also important that you have a formal education about communicating or marketing. You also have to learn the art of writing to considered a good one.

2.Show off your online portfolio.

Let’s say you created a blog before. How are you going to use that to get hired? Simple. You can use that to share your passion, your interests, and the things you can bring to the table.

3.Get learning opportunities everywhere.

When you can’t seem to find an opportunity, look further. You can start by posting pictures of your pups if you own a dog walking business. It will give you an idea how to run a campaign before you test the waters.

4.Don’t forget that people watch your every move.

Even if you are using a personal account, your friends and families are watching everything you do. When you post something negative on your account, that could affect your reputation. The same is true when you have a business.

5.Continue to learn.

Even if you already got the position, understand that the trend in social media is ever changing. You have to be aware about the latest happenings. Remember to adapt all the things you have learned to be more efficient in your craft.

6.Be an independent worker.

As a social media manager, you have to be comfortable learning at your own pace. This is true especially if you are working from home. When employers hire you, it means they expect you to know how to deal with challenges along the way.

7.Follow the brands that are doing well in social media.

If a certain brand’s approach interests you, it’s a good idea to follow them. Soon enough, you will also get the same kind of voice they are applying on social media.

8.Manage a nonprofit organization’s social media for free.

If you support a particular association, you can use it to be your learning vehicle in social media managing. This can be your starting ground. You can also request to manage your school’s social media to test your skills.

9.Create your own branding on social media.

If you are eager to get that job, it’s a must that you are passionate about it. In case you don’t really like social media and you’re only in it a few times a week, there’s a chance you might not get the position.

10.Show that you are efficient at managing time.

In managing social media, there are times when you have to open multiple windows at the same time. It’s true especially if your brand chooses to be active on many platforms.

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