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The Things That You Should and Shouldn’t Do on Your Domain

If you want to create some compelling content with people actually looking at it, you do not create a social media post or a Twitter parade. No! You create a website.

To actually have a good website where you can post content as you please, you need to get a suitable domain for yourself first.

Although Wordpress allows you to create a website on their own domain, doing so will not bode well for you in the end. This is because having a shared domain can really hurt your SEO and your chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages.

So, what are the things that you should and shouldn’t do on your domain? Here are just some of them to help you in your journey of becoming a seo expert:

DO: Get a Good Domain

Good domains will require you to pay money just to acquire them. However, getting a good domain is actually one of the best investments that you can make, especially if you’re willing to post new content on a regular basis.

Once you acquire a suitable place to park your content, you’re going to have to name it. But, do not just name it as you please. You have to make sure that your domain name is your brand or company name. It has to be specific and something that can be easily discovered.

DON’T: Bad Naming Conventions

You just don’t go out there, get a domain, and name it as you see fit without following some rules. Here are the things that you must avoid at all times when you’re creating the name of your domain:

  • You do not mix numbers with letters when creating the domain name. Ex. V1rtu4L
  • You do not use Homonyms. Ex. instead of
  • You do not use Abbreviations or Slangs. Ex.
  • You do not mix letters with numbers:

DO: Make Your Name Memorable

With the things I’ve outlined above, be sure to create a memorable name. And no, you do not want to make it as complex as possible. In fact, the contrary is true: you want your domain name to be a relatively general name so that people and search engines will be able to find your website with relative ease.

DON’T: Use Overly-Complex Names

You want your name to be simple. Do not use overly-complex and complicated names just for you to stand out because it doesn’t work in the end.

DON’T: Use Trendy Words

I know that you want to be as relevant and trendy as possible, but doing the latter, especially when you’re naming your domain, can actually be a bad idea.

Do not use buzzwords such as “Wazzup” and other slang terms that are often used in informal settings.

DO: Keep Things Simple

This is for you and your readers. Although it may seem that it is too tedious to come up with an adequate name of your domain, it actually isn’t. This just provides you with the guidelines that will help you create something that is both memorable and useful to you. Trust me, it will all be worth it in the end.

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