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Search engine optimization utilize quite a lot of tools to perform better. Below are some of the elements every webmaster or seo specialist experts needs to implement a better SEO strategy.

Common Search Engine Protocols


Sitemaps help Google and other search engines look for, and classify web content. You can consider a sitemap as a series of files that give further information to search engines for crawling. It can highlight images, videos and news. If you want to create your own sitemaps, just go to

Sitemaps come in three varieties:

  1. XMLExtensible Markup Language (this is the recommended format)
  2. RSS – Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication
  3. Txt – Text File


This file is stored on a specific website’s root directory. It provides instructions to all the automated crawlers going to your website.

Robots.txt commands:

  1. Crawl Delay – Identifies the crawl speed of the robot.
  2. Disallow – Prevents the access of specific folders and pages.
  3. Sitemap – Identifies the area of a specific website’s sitemaps

3.Meta Robots

Meta robots tag builds instructions intended for search engine bots. These can be found at the HTML document’s head part.


his attribute allows the user to link to a specific resource, and eliminating the “vote” for search engine-related reasons. It’s literal meaning? Inform the search engines not to follow the specific link.


From time to time, 2 or more duplicate contents show up on your website using different URLs. For search engines, all of these appear as separate web pages. Since they are all identical, it can cause confusion. This can affect your ranking negatively.

It becomes the job of the canonical tag to solve the issue. It tells search robots which web pages are authoritative versions, and must count on web results.

Search Engine Tools

1.Google Search Console

Key Features:

  • Geographic Target – Determines how a website shows up in country-specific results
  • Preferred DomainWebmasters use this to index their website’s pages
  • URL Parameters – Helps Google crawl websites more effectively
  • Crawl Rate – Affects Googlebot request speeds during crawl process
  • Malware – Informs you if malware is present in your website

2.Bing Webmaster Tools

Key Features

  • Websites Overview – Provides an overview of your websites’ performance in Bing’s search results
  • Crawl Stats – Allows you to view useful reports
  • Traffic – Reports click-through data and impressions

3.Moz Open Site Explorer

Key Features

  • Comparison Views – Allows you to compare 2 websites, and see which one is outranking the other
  • Social Share Analysis – Measures tweets, Facebook likes and shares
  • Identifies Powerful Links – Sorts inbound links through their metrics; determines which links  are the most crucial
  • Looks for the Strongest Linking Domains – Displays the most powerful domains linking to your own domain
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