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Trends for 2019

Website design is constantly changing and evolving. If you are a web designer, keeping a closer eye on the latest trends is essential to deliver efficient work. Maintaining a classic design is an effective way to futureproof a website. However, you can always explore new trends and make adventurous adjustments.

Here are amazing web design trends that you should watch out for this 2019.

1.Website Storytelling

Brand story telling will still be one of 2019’s most important trends. This branched out from social media storytelling, which became popular in the past years. In web design or website application development, it is a vital tool in making your web pages stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Remember that communicating a website’s story is a crucial part in design and user experience improvement. You should be able to grab and retain your target audience’s reaction. A website is not just a digital space to promote products and services. It should tell a story.

2.Large Typography and Flat Minimalist Designs

This is not a new website design trend, but a continuation of last year’s progressive movement. Minimalist and flat designs would still be a crucial trend this 2019. Simple and basic designs not only look amazing, these types of designs can also streamline your web codes. Thus, it can speed up web page loading times.

If you want, you can also add some more effects and elements that impact your website’s look and feel. It will help your digital space come to life, without distracting and overwhelming your visitors.

3.The Mega Menu Demise

Mega menus always looked good, but these kinds of website navigations are typically not mobile friendly. Moreover, web pages which are content heavy usually covers a big part of the screen, and therefore not an expected trend this 2019.

Since we are now moving away from desktop browsing, UX designers should lean towards mobile friendliness, and avoid mega menus, as much as possible. Mobile navigation menus should be simple, sweet and short. The text should be legible, and list the most crucial web pages first. When it comes to larger websites, there is the need to incorporate a search button.

Navigation for mobile also need to designed for “touch,” All clickable items should be addressed by a finger, instead of a mouse arrow.

4.Mobile First Web Design

This is not a new trend, but its importance will carry on.

Since more and more individuals are browsing websites through their smartphones and other mobile devices, professionals should focus on improving user experiences on different gadgets. There is no use on improving web designs on desktop computers.

Rest assured that this will be a web design trend in 2019. Various front-end web development frameworks like foundation and bootstrap are mobile first structures.

What should be priority this upcoming year then? Work on layouts for smaller devices first.  As the gadgets get bigger, more details and complexity can be layered in, to make it more creative and responsive.

5.The Continued Reign of WordPress

WordPress is a world leader when it comes to content management systems. This 2019, they will be able to sustain their reputation. If you are thinking of making your own personal blog or business website, WordPress is the most highly recommended platform because of its improving security and functionality.

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