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Services provided by a web designing company

If you provide web design services to clients, whether as a freelancer or through an agency, there are numerous other related services you could provide. By providing additional services, you will be able to increase the average client’s revenue, allowing you to make more money with fewer clients. Your clients will benefit from having a single provider for multiple services rather than having to find and hire multiple professionals.

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Of course, there are some disadvantages to expanding and providing more services. You probably won’t want to offer every extra service possible, because it’s usually a good idea to focus on a few things. Click here to find out more about web design company malaysia.


Here are a list of specific services that are provided by a web designing company:

  1. Ongoing website maintenance
  • Clients who hire you to design a website are almost certain to require additional services at some point. Even if the website is built with a content management system such as WordPress that allows the client to easily add and manage content on their own, some maintenance will be required at some point.
  • This maintenance may include minor design or layout changes, new sections of the website, or other details that the client cannot handle on their own using a CMS.

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  1. WordPress support
  • WordPress is such a popular content management system that it is used to build a large percentage of new websites. According to statistics, WordPress powers 34% of the internet, and this figure is growing.
  • WordPress is an excellent CMS for many small and medium-sized businesses, and everyone appreciates how affordable it is. However, WordPress users are bound to run into some issues that necessitate some assistance.
  • The disadvantage of using a free CMS is that getting help and support can be difficult. There is a free support forum, but getting answers there can be hit or miss. Many clients prefer to have someone do the work for them rather than spending hours searching forums for answers.


  1. Logo design
  • Every business requires a logo, and many of your web design clients will require the services of a logo designer as well. If you’re designing a new website for a startup, they’ll almost certainly require a logo. If you’re redesigning a website for a client who already has a business, this might be a good time for that client to think about updating their brand image with a new logo.
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  1. Copywriting
  • If you have writing skills, you could offer your clients copywriting services. Writing the copy or text for a landing page or sales page is a common example. This can be a very profitable service because effective copywriting can produce dramatic results in terms of sales.
  • Given that you’ll be working on the client’s website anyway, offering a service related to writing the text for these pages is a natural fit.


  1. Email marketing
  • Email marketing typically has a high ROI, so this may be an area where your clients are willing and able to invest in a professional like yourself.
  • Your services could include creating HTML emails or HTML email templates for your clients to use, writing the text, designing images for the emails, and even setting up and managing the campaigns.
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